About us

At Craftworks College, we provide an ambitious curriculum for all learners aged between 16-19 (19-25 with an Educational and Health Care Plan).

We offer a range of Pearson, NCFE and SEG Qualifications. We provide learners with the support they require to continue to learn transferable skills through Vocational Qualifications with English and Mathematics.  Our Project-based programmes of study  are personalised so students can achieve their potential.

We partner this our non-accredited curriculum supporting our students to develop their personal, social, emotional and life skills. We do through bespoke interventions, our established Personal Development Programme and investment in Enrichment and Progression Programmes and Opportunities.  

Our curriculum areas work together so that our students are able to develop as a whole person and progress from college having achieved empowering outcomes to have a far-reaching impact on their lives.

Mission Statement

All students are able to form trusting relationships, participate in learning through college, work experience, and community activities, to gain the skills, qualifications, and  confidence to take their next steps in life.

Craftworks college as part of The Brogdale CIC Group Objectives are to support young people in: 
● Being able to form trusting relationships & friendships 
● Being able to participate in community life & nature 
● Being able to do meaningful work, for themselves & with others 
● Being able to experience positive well-being & health 
● Being able to take responsibility for themselves & be accountable for their actions

Our Ethos

We believe that everyone can make a contribution to society, no matter what their ability or background. Each person is of value. We aim to provide a practical learning  experience enhancing skills, providing qualifications and equipping young people with a positive next step into adulthood. 

Our ethos is to create a safe space for young people to be and feel valued, make positive social connections, learn and thrive.

Our Values

The Craftwork Values is our proactive approach to encouraging desired behaviours and expectations across our college. One of the objectives of Craftworks is to establish clear and consistent college-wide expectations. The teaching staff and BrogdaleCIC Group community are dedicated to GROWTH and the acronym GROWTH represents the values of our college.


We are kind, caring and generous


We respect others feelings, bodies and property


We value freedom and openness


We look after everybody including ourselves.


We always tell the truth


We are inclusive of all people's differences


At Craftworks College, we have an ambitious curriculum offer in which we support our students through clear curriculum pathways. Ensuring we are able to teach vocational qualifications alongside Functional Skills English, Mathematics, ICT, as well as a inclusive Personal Development Programme and bespoke Intervention Programme. Our inclusive, student-inspired curriculum appeals to a wide variety of young people and is intended to support young people gain the necessary skills for independence, accessing the community, and employability.


The student journey refers to the phases a prospective student goes through that encompasses admissions, enrolment, the entire life cycle with Craftworks College and beyond.


The Board of Trustees and the Leadership and Management Team for Craftworks College are proud to have the  responsibility and accountability for the development of Craftworks College this is clear in our strategies.