The Craftworks Progressions Programme spans across all levels of ability and need.  It delivers flexibility and a person centered experience for cohorts across year groups and is based on how our young people visualise their future and their hopes and wishes transitioning into adulthood. 

1. Our Steps to success

All learners take part in relevant work experience whilst journeying through three stages:


Students who are looking to understand their options for post college are in a visualising stage. These students are working on aspiration and desired outcomes after college.


Students who are in internal work experience and planning their next steps to an external work experience. These students are planning goals from career exploration and building a personal brand.


Students who are moving towards external work experience, have jobs and are on track to progress within the year will be universal - they are on a pathway that is preparing them for work.

2. Student Centred sessions

Typical session outlines

Each learner has a profile based on one to one discussion about their interests and strengths. We explore their dreams and ambitions and help them translate these into achievable goals which are tracked and managed through transition planning.  

The programme is built around the Gatsby Benchmarks to ensure we observe best practice in careers provision for our learners:

A stable careers programme

Encounters with employers and employees.

Learning from career and labour market information

Experiences of workplaces.

Addressing the needs of each pupil.

Encounters with further and higher education.

Linking curriculum learning to careers.

Personal Guidance

3. Enrichment

The Enrichment program is designed to broaden students horizons by offering diverse opportunities for exploration and growth. Students engage in outings to cinemas, beaches, and museums, as well as benefit from guest speakers discussing local community opportunities and connections to services. Scheduled throughout the academic year, these activities are complemented by dedicated time slots in the timetable, fostering social connections and awareness of community resources.

Our Enrichment opportunities are supported by our sister companies Vibe Community Ltd whose youth workers organise and oversee fun trips and leisure opportunities and Brogdale CIC who staff provide social enrichment opportunities and links to community speakers.

4. Student Voice

It's crucial to acknowledge that our students are the reason for our college community, and their perspectives and input are vital for shaping the college environment they inhabit. We place great importance on actively listening to our students and valuing their experiences within college life. There will be an opportunity for each site to have a student representative to be the voice of their site, to offer ideas and be the conduit for college to communicate actions taken to the ideas of the students feedback to the board and senior

5. Careers Advice

We support our learners with regular 1:1 sessions with a known member of the progressions team, as well as giving all learners the opportunity to access independent advice and guidance through our contract with CXK. This supports with the development of aspirations and active transition planning. In addition to this we ensure our learners are actively supported throughout their
curriculum with guest speakers running industry led sessions, we pride ourselves on having great links with employers.

6. Work Experience


Our work experience programme has been specifically devised to enable access for all students to take part in work experience.  We recognise that some employers find it challenging to put in place measures to support students who have higher needs.  We have thus created our own internal work experience via our social enterprise.

Pruning Time

Pruning Time have a team of qualified and knowledgeable gardeners with experience in landscaping and garden building. Through the Pruning Time gardening service, we are able to offer our young people valuable work experience in gardening, garden maintenance, D.I.Y and customer care skills all while serving the local community.


Floribunda is our very own nursery based at our Community Farm in Ashford. Growing and selling plants, flowers and fresh seasonal produce to the public and local retailers.  We offer our students the opportunity to do work placements working alongside our fully trained staff.  We have a wealth of knowledge and can work with customers to ensure we deliver their expectations.

Branching Out

Branching Out Market (BOM) provide skilled work coaches who provide team building, enterprise and job skills coaching.  These opportunities provide practical learning to understand the expectation for work, personal attributes, interpersonal skills, attitudes and behaviours and skills.  BOM prepares student for work in the local economy, making links to local employers and enables them to take the next steps to external work experience.


We work with local employers to ensure our students are given appropriate and meaningful work experience. Students who are on the Plan or Prepare pathways are offered opportunities
to fulfil their potential a day a week in an engaging work placement relevant to their career aspirations or personal interests.

Company Name


Company Name


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7. Preparing for Adulthood

Travel Planning

Travel training is an integral part of social inclusion and access to the job market. Studies have indicated consistently that those who experience transport issues can experience a barrier to societal participation and employment.  For people with learning disabilities and/or suffering from social anxiety travel via public transport can be a significant barrier to getting and staying in a job.   Travel training can help generate confidence and build key skills to overcome this barrier, help trainees travel independently and enhance access to the job market.

Independent Living

At college we equip our students with the tools and resources necessary to make informed decisions about their future.
Our team provides guidance and practical workshops to teach important life skills. We work closely with each student to understand their needs and goals, offering support with housing, finances, and accessing community resources. Our goal is to ensure students feel ready and supported as they move towards independent living.

Key Skill Development

At our college, we prioritise helping our students develop important skills for success. We offer mock interviews and coaching to improve their interview skills and social interactions.
We teach them how to read payslips, manage finances, and write CVs to prepare for the future. Our sessions cover accountability, time management, communication, and other life skills. Through our supportive environment, we empower SEN students to overcome challenges and reach their goals. 

8. Next Steps

At Craftworks, we deeply care about each student's journey beyond our doors. That's why our dedicated Progression team is here to support them every step of the way as they transition to their next chapter. Whether it's pursuing further education, entering the
workforce, or exploring other pathways, we ensure that students receive personalised
guidance and assistance tailored to their individual needs and aspirations. We are
committed to nurturing their growth and success, helping them on their chosen path with confidence and readiness.

Further Education

Progressing on to a mainstream provider or another alternative provider who offers a suitable next steps course.

Social Care

Progressing in to an independent living skills an environment focused on fostering continuous growth in confidence, independence, and essential life skills.


Progressing into various forms of employment, whether paid, part-time, full-time, or voluntary, thereby contributing to the workforce and forging connections within the community.


Progressing into apprenticeships or traineeships, students embark on structured pathways to deepen their skills and expertise in chosen fields, supported by collaborative partners, while also continuing their studies in Maths and English.

9. Our Destination Data

In July 2023, 25 Students left the college, 4 of who are in paid employment, 7 progressed to full time mainstream further education, 4 into full time specialist further education, 7 are in independent skills environments, only 2 remain Not in Education Employment or Training (NEET), 1 of which was a hard to reach student on the re engagement programme. 1 is awaiting an outcome from Kent County Council.

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Meet The Progression Team

Our Wellbeing Team is made up of a collection of passionate staff members that are
dedicated to supporting inclusion for learners, who consistently go above and beyond to ensure our most complex learners are given opportunities within the college and have far-reaching impacts throughout their life.

Craftworks Wellbeing team are well qualified to support the ambitious SEND and Wellbeing Strategy and including Mental Health First Aiders, Designated Safeguarding Lead trained staff, Bachelor of Sciences in  Psychology degree, a Master in Communication Research, a Master in Gender Studies and we are blessed to have a  fully qualified counsellor within the team.

The Deputy Head of Emotional Health and lead of the Wellbeing team is currently undertaking a Masters in Senior Leadership in Mental Health which is integral to strengthening our current Wellbeing offer. We believe in evidence based practise and our committed to developing and learning and endeavour to attend conferences, link with providers and continued career professional development so that we are a team best-placed to support the needs of our students.