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Term Dates

Here our our term dates for the current academic year and the next.

Any unforeseen changes to the term dates will be communicated to students and parents/carer (where appropriate) directly, advertised on this website and our social media accounts.


September 2023

Attendance Policy

Craftworks College is committed to improving the quality of learning available to its students. We will seek to ensure a match between what the individual student needs to learn and what is provided.

September 2023

Anti-Bullying Policy

Every student should feel safe to learn and socialise and be safe from victimisation and discrimination at College. The College values all students equally, regardless of age, ability, race, gender, gender reassignment, religion, or sexual orientation. This policy forms part of our commitment to the safeguarding of adults with additional needs and the protection of all our young people.

September 2023

Behaviour Policy

Craftworks College is committed to providing a supportive, friendly, safe and positive environment, free from offensive behaviour, to help each student achieve their learning goals and get the most out of their college life.

September 2023

Complaints Procedure

Craftworks College is committed to development and learning. We believe in providing a high-quality learning environment for all our students. We recognise the need for a clear compliant procedure so that effective resolution can be sought should any problems or issues occur. Craftworks College  take all complaints seriously and will ensure that we respond to complaints with care and concern.

September 2023

Equality and Diversity Policy

Craftworks College adheres to the requirements of the Equality Act 2010 by not discriminating against students, staff, volunteers or anyone involved in external agencies. This policy outlines our commitment to equality and diversity.

September 2023

Illegal Drugs, Substances and Alcohol Abuse Policy

The central aim of this policy is to ensure our learners are in an environment where they are able to be and feel safe. This policy aims to do so by ensuring we are active in keeping drugs and alcohol misuse out of Craftworks College.

September 2023

Medication at College Policy

At Craftworks College is committed to supporting students with complex special educational and mental health needs and believe every young person deserves the right to an inclusive education regardless of their circumstances, special educational needs, mental health needs and/ or medical needs. We recognise that some students may need support around a medical need and this policy outlines the College’s stance on administration and support around medication.

September 2023


Craftworks College recognises that we have an essential role to play in making the communities we work within safe and secure. We recognise our moral and statutory responsibility to safeguard and promote the welfare of our students. We recognise the importance of providing an ethos and environment that will help our students feel safe, secure and respected; encourage them to talk openly; and enable them to feel confident that they will be listened to. This Policy outlines Craftworks College's commitment to a safe and secure learning environment.

September 2023

Safer Recruitment Policy

At Craftworks College recognises that the effectiveness and safety of its recruitment policy and procedures make a major contribution to child and vulnerable adult protection by helping to deter, reject or identify people who might be unsuitable for working with children and vulnerable adults. The safer recruitment policy outliines our compliance to safe recruitment practices and legislation.  

September 2023

Prevention of Extremism and Radicalisation Policy

At Craftworks College is committed to providing a supportive and inclusive learning environment in which individuals can reach their potential. This policy is designed to provide a clear framework inform our response to safeguarding concerns for those learners who may be vulnerable to the messages of extremism.

September 2023

Suspension Policy

At Craftworks College we enable every young person to achieve their very best at college; this being the sincere desire of all. However, we recognise that achieving this goal for some  often needs innovative, creative, and resilient leadership. We aim for an inclusive educational environment, where suspension is the very last resort. This Policy outlines the process that is applied fairly, and consistently and it is explained to board members, staff, parents, carers, and student

September 2023

Whistle blowing Policy

Craftworks College is committed to the highest possible standard of openness, probity and accountability. In line with that commitment we expect employees, and others that we deal with, who have serious concerns about any aspect of our work to come forward and voice those concerns. This policy aims to provide ways to raise in confidence and receive feedback on any action taken.

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September 2022

Leadership & Management

The strategy intent of Craftworks College and The Brogdale CIC Group is to create community bases where young people and adults with disabilities can access education that enhances learning and opportunities to gain qualifications, life skills, and positive social care activities. Attendees can also participate in youth clubs and activities that provide social connections. For adults, there are opportunities to take part in job roles that could lead to
volunteering, enhancing personal skills, and forming lasting friendships.
Where the community can be part of the solution in building support systems, integrating people from different backgrounds, abilities and needs. 

September 2022

Quality of Education

The strategy intent for Quality of Education is to prepare our students for their next steps from adolescence. The College expects to see all our students progress to play a meaningful role in their communities. The College understands that in order to build a young person ready to take on the challenges of adulthood, they need a wide range of academic skills and knowledge, including confidence in their English and Maths abilities, as well as positive attitudes and behaviours and more beyond the academic. We believe that education can powerfully address social disadvantage and it is the belief of Craftworks College that to have an impact in all these areas in a young person’s life, education will be the centre-point for success. 

September 2022

Behaviour &Attitudes

The strategy intent focuses on developing appropriate behaviour and attitudes for students that our education system has agreed upon either by consensus or statute. In order to do this we intend to incorporate the SEN Code of Practice, Green Paper and Local data paying particular attention to the areas that are specifically relevant to behaviour and attitudes.

September 2022

Personal development

The strategy intent focus is on the most significant dimensions of the personal development of students that our education system has agreed either by consensus or statute. We incorporate the SEN Code of Practice and Preparing for Adulthood Government Guidance, as well as consultation with the Department for Work and Pension to understand the local need for skills to gain employment.